FreeBSD 11.1 Coming This Summer!

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FreeBSD 11.1 is the first minor update to the FreeBSD 11.x branch. According to the FreeBSD Foundation’s schedule the final release should occur around July 21st, 2017.
Because this is a minor release there won’t be any new major features. Bug fixes, updated packages, and minor features make up the bulk of the release. The official release notes keep a log of the changes.

Some highlights include:

LLD as a replacement for LD. This helps with compiling – it makes linking faster and enables easier cross-compilation (compiling something for a different type of hardware than the host system)
– The ZFS ARC is now compressed. This means that the read cache in memory that ZFS uses can now store more data which improves cache hit rates
– Support for blacklistd in OpenSSH. This is a framework for blacklisting bad IPs to help prevent DoS abuse on your SSH server. It operates on the same idea as fail2ban but it may be easier to operate
– Many updated software packages like OpenSSH, Clang, and Unbound
– The installer now allows you to connect to a hidden wireless network to get internet connectivity at install time
– Many device drivers have been added or updated which improves hardware compatibility. Notably, initial support for Chromebook has been added
– Better support for Microsoft Hyper-V VMs including Generation 2 compatibility and PCI passthrough
– NFS now supports Amazon EFS

Beta builds are available now for those who want to test the release. The x86 64-bit ISO can be downloaded here.

Stay tuned to the official FreeBSD website for the announcement of the final release toward the end of July!
When the time comes to upgrade check out this guide. Just replace any mention of 11.0 with 11.1!